$6000 with payment plans

Resilient Mentorship // 1:1 coaching & Rapid Transformation Therapy

Flow through life from the optimistic state of possibility

A unique, personalized approach that strikes the perfect balance between action-taking and introspection

Are you ready to start your journey to thrive emotionally, personally, and professionally?

A hyper-condensed, no-nonsense approach to personal and professional development. We’ll work from the inside-out to identify and address the root causes of why you feel stuck, before creating a cascade of systemic breakthroughs and fast, exciting growth.

My proprietary diagnostic process & methodology is based on my decades of work as an Executive Leader, NLP Practitioner, Coach, and Trauma Therapist.  I am also the bestselling author of My Skeletons Have Names, How I went from Victim to Hero, which debuted on Amazon as the #1 New Release for weeks.

Working together you'll discover

This is for you if:

  • You deeply identify with being a Sensitive High Achiever. You’re a deep thinker and feeler. You’re driven, ambitious, and always want to be doing and achieving more. You’re kind, compassionate, and committed to others (your team, clients, family, friends, etc.) – sometimes to a fault. 

  • You’re a mid- or senior-level leader at your organization. My private coaching is best suited for top-performing,  professionals who are manager level and above (Director, VP, C-Suite). I also work with high performing individual contributors and established small business owners. 

  • You have identified a gap that is holding you back in your current position. You’re looking for hands-on support to improve your leadership performance or want to advance in the workplace. That can be a tangible opportunity, such as a promotion, influence, or high-visibility initiative. Or it can be an internal objective such as increased assertiveness or confidence. 

  • You believe in your potential. You appreciate the positives in any situation and also see the opportunity behind any challenge. Possibility inspires you. Hopefulness drives you. You are relentlessly open to improvement and learning. You have an optimistic attitude and a bring a constructive lens toward everything you do – coaching included. 

  • You’re willing to make yourself a priority. The leaders who see the biggest results from coaching are those who take the process seriously.  They complete their forms, show up fully for sessions, take notes, execute the steps we discuss, and spend time critically reflecting on themselves and their experiences. 

When you work with ME, you meet your future self.

Cut through the bullsh*t and see your life clearly through a fresh perspective

My clients include CEOs, Founders, Executives, and Top Performers from the world’s most successful fortune 500 companies, and celebrated start-ups.

I understand the challenges that sensitive high achievers face because I am one too.  I think quickly and I feel deeply.

The people around me couldn’t understand how someone as accomplished as I was in business could still feel like something was inherently wrong with me and I couldn’t fix what seemed to always be broken in my relationships.

Things look very different for me today, and my clients will testify that they also learned how to master their emotions, channel their ambition, and turn their sensitivity into strength.  

Change creates opportunity and together we rise!

What's included

Proprietary diagnostic tools

Coaching begins with a simple yet powerful, data-driven diagnostic to based on your unique attributes as a Sensitive High Achiever. Uncover your biggest areas for growth and better understand where you’re flourishing versus where you need the most improvement.

Pre-coaching evaluation of your strengths and challenges

Many clients say this assessment process unlocks insights and a-ha moments that catalyze their transformation from stuck to unstoppable. It gives me thorough background information and an understanding of who you are, what makes you tick, and your personality so I can effectively customize your coaching.

Reflection Point Review

This feedback process helps consolidate and celebrate new behaviors and improvements you’ve achieved through coaching to either bring closure to our time together or to set us up for your next stage of development.

4 months of ongoing 1:1 coaching

Over the course of 8 additional sessions, we’ll uncover your blind spots, growth gaps, and arm you with concrete steps to develop greater confidence and inner peace. Expect tailored guidance to push past roadblocks standing in your way.

120-minute Deep Dive Kickoff or Rapid Resoluution Therapy (RRT) Session

In this initial, extended session, we’ll lay the groundwork for your personal transformation. We’ll discuss how to get the most out of coaching, We’ll debrief your pre-work, and set priorities for your journey so you can reach your full potential and create the life you desire.

Personalized resources to advance your development

Get hand-picked recommendations as needed for exercises, articles, book recommendations to continue your learning outside our session time, designed to translate your insights into performance gains. You also get complimentary access to additional trainings, and my most popular masterclasses & workshops.