The RESILIENT MEntorship & Infinite Possibilities Workshop

Experience emotional release and unconditional love & acceptance

Experience shifts in your life

Discover how powerful you are and tap into your unlimited potential through reprogramming your body, rewiring your mind, and connecting with others.

A healthy life starts with healthy habits. But when it comes to building new habits, where do you even begin? How do you know what’s right for you?

A specialized curriculum tailored to your needs and challenges as a Sensitive High Achiever, that strikes the perfect balance between action-taking and introspection.

What's included

Expert Guidance

The program is live and interactive! Weekly 90 minute sessions led by Shari Lueck – an Executive Coach and Trauma Therapist, with more than a decade of experience helping Sensitive High Achievers like you create the life they wanted while finding inner peace.

Comprehensive workbook

Take action on your discoveries and put your insights in action. You’ll receive a comprehensive workbook that serves as your workshop companion. Document your takeaways and journal your way through the program. Keep all your tools and notes from the program integrated and organized with additional worksheets.

Private Community

Access a private group of Sensitive High Achievers for feedback, motivation, learning, and advice. You’ll grow with every member’s experiences and successes and get better results because you’re not doing this alone.

Actionable Lessons

Practical, easy-to-implement lessons that are directly applicable to your daily work and life. Enjoy weekly interactive meetups with a workbook packed with concrete tools, designed to help you take immediate action.

Shari’s private coaching clients pay over $8,000 to work with her one-on-one. But in this RESILIENT ME – Infinite Possibilities Workshop, you’ll get many of the same methods used with her private clients for a fraction of the price.