For High Achievers, HSPs & Neurodiverse Thinkers

Gently, effectively and rapidly resolving pain, trauma & anxiety

Have you been let down by self-improvement programs, trusted advisors or accredited therapists?

You don’t need to attend years of therapy or re-experience your pain to create the life you desire

Our informed process guides you in taking radical inventory of your life, and gaining confidence and clarity in your ability to create your desired life. You’ll gain a clearer picture of what success means to you and how to cultivate life-enriching relationships and experiences.

Heal & overcome

Programs & Courses to help you develop emotional agility and strength

Open the doors to live a full and rewarding life

Harness the most powerful tool you own—your mind

Liberator Program

Turn your emotions into power to live with more abundance

Conqueror Course

Dave's Story

What our programs can do for you

Combining principles of RRT, Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, NLP, CBT, and Neuroscience for unparalleled fast, effective, and long-lasting results

We’re here to help you overcome those looming obstacles, navigate your unique gifts and catapult you into your dream future.

The Magic of Change - Mind, Body, Spirit

12-week experience to discover proven strategies to trust yourself and fuel your success

The RESILIENT MEntorship & Infinite Possibilities Workshop

By focusing on physical, mental, and spiritual health, we empower people to create self-care routines as unique as they are, unlocking their body’s natural healing abilities.

Learn how to harness your thoughts, leverage your beliefs and feelings and do away with limiting beliefs or negative self-talk. With practice, you’ll begin to expect miracles!

Workshops & experiences infusing neuroscience, communication, leadership, personal & professional development

Live your best life without apology

Hands-on tools to help you move into empowerment

Accelerator Workshop

Shift your perspective and make your mind your best ally

Resilient MEntorship

I have dedicated years of neuroscience training, and other mental health modalities, developing such an effective method for turning emotions into power so people can thrive instead of merely, just surviving.
—Shari Lueck, Founder of BridgesIIBravery