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Sheryl's Transformation

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Founder & Rapid Transformation Therapist

Shari Lueck

Shari Lueck is no stranger to trauma and pain. Her life began with adversity, having experienced homelessness twice before age 19.  Defying the odds stacked against her, at age 34 Shari seemingly stumbled on the recipe for success with a beautiful home, great job, growing family and close friends.

However, she quickly discovered how vulnerable her life was when a traumatizing event caused her to spiral down, facing challenge after challenge—drug addiction, emotional & physical abuse, wrongful job termination, depression, PTSD, suicidal attempts and more.

Step by step, Shari painstakingly climbed her way up from the bottom, piecing herself back again, and coming back stronger than ever. Through this journey, she has perfected the tools and strategies for others to reclaim their personal power and move from overwhelmed to overcomer.

Change your beliefs, change your life.

My Skeletons Have Names

Discover stories and tools to help you survive and cope with some of the most challenging moments in your life.